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8 Steps to an Utterly Successful Career Change  View 

By Jenny Foss More than a decade ago, I made a career pivot from corporate communications director to almost-all-commission recruiter. I took uncalculated risks ... If you’re considering a career pivot, I’m going to appeal to you to do things differently ... 

If You Were Fired, Don’t Lie About It Do This Instead  View

Getting fired is awkward. Sometimes you deserve it, and sometimes you don’t. Either way, it can be a difficult thing to explain at a future job interview. But getting fired doesn’t make you a bad person, nor does it mean ...  

Bouncing Back after a Lay-Off  View

Getting laid off is devastating. I know because I've been there earlier in my career. In the blink of an eye you lose your paycheck, your future, and even your self identity. I bounced back to successfully work ... 

How I Broke the Rules  View

I am not the type to break rules. I read your columns but I always figured "I don't need to do anything out of the ordinary to get hired." I'm an IT person and normally it's not that hard for me to find jobs. I live in a major metro area so there are always a lot of openings. I started a stealth job search ... Watch on Forbes: 

Here's How You Can Fake a Professional Headshot Photo Shoot for Free  View

You know you need a photo for your LinkedIn profile. And you’ve probably done enough stalking to see pictures that reflect contacts in great—and, er, less than great—lights.  But if you’re tight on money, doling out cash on a professional headshot may seem like a classic “chicken and egg” problem: ..

Job Search Advice in the Digital Age View  

This the presentation, Michael Vogel, Director of Sales, Agency Relations,, gave to the Interfaith Career Network on February 4, 2016.  Mike shared his ideas on utilizing LinkedIn, Indeed, Glassdoor, and other sites to improve your chances in the ever-evolving job market. Click the link above for more information.

What To Write In A Thank You Email After Your Interview  View

What’s one of the biggest mistakes job seekers make when sending thank you notes after the interview (besides not sending one at all)? It’s not using this opportunity for the job-winning advantage that it is.  Click the link above for more information. 

Networking Notes

Elevator Speech  View

This document provides the basics for creating your elevator speech. The elevator speech is the verbal calling card that describes you and helps others help you.  

Network Handbill Brief Template  View

This Word file gives you a template for creating an effective handbill that you can distribute to people seeking to help you in your search. 

Networking 101  View

This document provides the basics for effectively networking with others. 


The Federal Job Application Process - How to Apply from November 16, 2023  View

Nancy Segal from Solutions for the Workplace, LLC (link) was our featured speaker.  Nancy provides deep insight into federal jobs, where to find them, why you'd want one, and great step by step tips for applying.

The Federal Job Application Process: Forget Everything You Ever Learned   View

Five Step Roadmap, Becky Brillon - Zoom Presentation from July 16, 2020  View

Becky Brillion was the featured speaker at our July 16th Zoom webinar.  She is a writer and the Program Director at Userhoff Insitute.  Becky provides a straight-forward, five-step roadmap to finding your next job.  She covers everything from a Self Assessment to the Interview process itself.

Strategize Your Job Search: A Roadmap to Guide The Way  View

Applicant Tracking System, Jim Fergle - Presentations from June 18, 2020  View

Jim Fergle from provided an in-depth overview of the nuts and bolts activities needed to find your next opportunity.  This presentation is full of great insight that provides insight into the employer's perspective and provides actionable steps you can take to land that next position.

Applicant Tracking Systems & Your Resume.  View

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